Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still waiting... patiently?

Danielle's surgery has been postponed... again!  She woke up from a nap yesterday in the late afternoon with green "goop" flowing from her eye.  When I saw it my heart immediately sank to my stomach.  I took her to her pediatrician this morning who diagnosed her with pink eye and said she would be fine for surgery.  Yay!  Pink eye!  I never thought I would be so happy that my child had pink eye.  I made a call to the surgeons assistant to let her know what was going on with Danielle.  When she replied "oh no" my heart sank yet again.  She wasn't sure if the surgeons would want to move forward, pink eye is a virus, after all.  I was informed that the surgeons were due to be out of surgery around 2pm today.  That meant that according to a doctors watch, I wouldn't hear back until the VERY end of the day.  The angst that I've been feeling from all of this "hurry up and wait" has been torturous.  I finally heard back and got the news that I had been dreading all day.  The surgeon doesn't want to risk it.  I SO badly want to be on the other side of this.  I've been prepared for this emotionally and physically... twice!  When Danielle's surgery was postponed the first time, on Monday, I was disappointed.  I was worried for our family but prayed hard for the baby who needed surgery on that day more than Danielle did.  I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason, but still I worried.  I worried because I had put my sister on a plane to be here with my children during the surgery.  I was worried because I had done my best to mentally prepare my children for the changes that come with having their parents back and forth to the hospital.  I worried because I wasn't sure I could handle the nervous anticipation that I've been feeling any longer (yes I was worried about being worried!)  But yes, everything happens for a reason, right?  Danielle may have very well had this virus stewing on Monday and she's just now showing symptoms.  She needs to be healthy and strong going in to this. 

I need to be healthy and strong too. The overwhelming support that I've received from so many has helped me to be just that.  Family, friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers have rallied around us.  It's a wonderful reminder that people are good.  It's been inspiring, some of the acts of kindness that I've been blessed to experience in the past few days.  Theresa is a new friend of mine.  She's the assistant of the surgeon.  When she heard that the blood we donated couldn't be used for Danielle due to the delay she offered to donate her blood.  She happens to be O- as well, which is random because not many of us are.  This selfless act brought me to tears.  She's a stranger, really.  Yes, we had talked every day this week, laughed, cried, joked, but we've only met once, briefly during my first meeting with the surgeons.  Thinking that she would take time out of her day and let someone inflict pain on her for the benefit of a stranger is so touching.  My neighbors have made an impression on me as well.  Even though we are transients a military family, they have accepted and included us.  They have organized an effort to bring meals for our family.  They are doing the cooking for me through the end of the month!!  I'm not sure if they realize how much this means to me.  I thought that when we moved here that I would miss the camaraderie that you find on military bases... boy was I wrong.  I have lived a lot of places in countless neighborhoods and I have to say that THIS is one of the best.  Even the handyman I spoke to last week surprised me when I told him that things would be too busy for him to come out this week because of Danielle's surgery.  He asked about Danielle and stopped to say a prayer for her.  He made sure to move things around so he could get my shower fixed over the weekend too! Awesome!  I've been receiving messages of encouragement and well wishes from so many.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you to all that have us in their prayers and who are wishing us well.  The amount of love and support that we have around us is heart-warming to say the least.

Danielle's surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16.  Third time's a charm ;-).  I'll be holding her tight until then.  Here are some pics that were taken with the help of my new protege, my sister, Sarah.


  1. Oh Tiffany. The pictures of you and Danielle have me all teary. I love the nursing one most, because I k ow how hard you fought for it. We will be praying for you, Danielle, Steve, Justin and Emily. We love you guys.

  2. These are lovely pictures. When I heard about Danielle, I shared the story with Daniel and we have been praying. May you feel the Lord's calming presence while Danielle goes through this surgery and recovery.