Momma's knits and pics

No, I don't have a knitting business and I'm not a professional photographer but these are my current infatuations.  I'm a slow knitter.  The time I have to spend on my projects is limited.  I knit while I'm watching my children play at the park or during swim class.  Knitting keeps my hands busy as I tune out a mindless tv show and reflect on my day after the children have been tucked in to their beds.  That being said... I DO love to make things for family and friends that will be enjoyed and appreciated.  So if you have something in mind... let me know!  Just give me plenty of time to plan and execute it keeping in mind my busy lifestyle.  I cannot go on without thanking my sweet friend who kindly tought me how to knit.  In the hustle and bustle of raising my children I had packed my creativity away in the closet.  I knew I would get back to it eventually but I didn't realize that when I did it would be healing for me.  I'm a better mommy when I stop and take a few moments or part of the day to do something that I enjoy.  Thanks Melissa for inspiring me!  She too is a very busy mommy but she somehow manages to operate a successful knitting business.  Her knits are gorgeous.  The craftWOMANship is impeccable.  Check her out!

I fell in love with photography after my children where born.  Who doesn't like to take pictures of their kids!?  I have so many pictures of them... when they grow up they are going to think I'm crazy... which may be slighly true ;-).  I haven't taken classes but I do stalk photography forums.  It's a work in progress.  The hubby suprised me with a portraiture lens (50mm 1.4) for Christmas this year and I recently started shooting in manual.  I'm hoping to get more practice and try some new things.

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