Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Danielle came home from the hospital on Sunday evening.  It feels so good to have my baby home with a perfectly patched- up heart.  I keep finding myself getting emotional about doing the routine, normal, things we typically do in our every day.  Kiss n' ride at the preschool with Danielle bundled up along for the ride, enjoying a game of peek-a-boo at the changing table, sitting at the edge of my sons bed nursing the baby as I wait for him to drift to sleep.  I'm so thankful to have my baby, holding her little body in my arms, seeing her smiles, hearing her coos... I'm over the moon.  A prayer has been answered.  I'm so thankful to have my baby here with me.

We didn't get to this place without jumping a few hurdles, though.  We had a rude awakening on Friday night... literally.  It was around 1 A.M., and Danielle and I were asleep together in the hospital sleep chair.  I was resting like a mommy often does, with one eye open, on the defense, ready to pounce like a lioness.  It is hard to sleep soundly in the hospital environment.  Our room enveloped in a blue glow from the neighbors bili lights, the nurses knocking every few hours to take my baby for vitals, and the looming thought of the phlebotomist being there at sunrise to draw blood.  Danielle was perfectly peaceful and comfortable, however, fast asleep with a boob hanging out of her mouth.  I jumped out of bed and threw our blankets aside as Danielle suddenly unloaded what must have been the entire contents of her stomach all over herself, her mommy, and our makeshift bed.  I called the nurse in to help us get cleaned up.  She was so sweet to change our bed for us, but she should have brought two sets of linens because it was only two minutes after we laid down again that the whole process repeated itself.  Danielle was running a fever and was obviously miserable.

Saturday was supposed to be our day of discharge but Danielle was still feeling sick and wasn't eating much.  The doctors decided to keep her and planned to give her some fluids via IV drip that evening.  They did some additional blood work, took a urine sample and a nasal swab, to test for infection and known viruses.  She tested positive for RSV (a respiratory virus), which was a shock for the doctors and myself.  She wasn't showing symptoms that are common for the virus (coughing, rapid, or labored breathing).  They moved us to a private room where we were considered to be in "isolation."  The Doctors and nurses were required to wear a gown and mask when they entered our room.  Drama Queen didn't need to get infected with RSV just to get a private room... geesh.  RSV acts like the common cold for most of us but can be dangerous for infants and cardiac patients.  Fortunately, Danielle hasn't yet shown symptoms that are concerning.  The doctors discharged us on Sunday after she had gained her usual appetite back.

I'm pretty sure the throwing up was due to a G.I. bug, or the flu, because Danielle seems to have passed it on to her brother who was throwing up last night.  He's doing much better today and I'm still feeling thankful for the comforts of home... even though I've been thrust back in to the mommy role, which in our home, includes scrubbing barf out of the carpet.  Home, sweet home.


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