Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holding Her Tight

Dear God please watch over my sweet baby girl.  I'm holding her tight tonight.  I'm going to miss holding her like this, knowing that she's sleeping contently, feeling safe and warm in the arms of her mother.  I have faith that she'll be in the arms of God, but my heart will be aching for her.  My heart will be aching to feel her soft skin against mine, to see her bright smile, to hear her giggles and coos.  Please God make my baby well.  Please.  Stand beside me and give me the strength I will need, hold me up when I'm feeling weak, settle my soul when the anxiety is eating away at me.  Please God make my baby well. 

Our family is facing more than I ever thought we could bear but shortly after Danielle was born I realized my faith had been renewed.  I'm hearing the voice of God louder than I ever had before.  He has so many faces and I'm seeing him all around us.  I know he's here with Danielle as she battles to overcome these obstacles that she's been given so early in her life.

When I learned that Danielle had Down Syndrome I remember thinking "how can I be the mother of this child?"  The only thought that I am left with going in to this surgery is "I could never be without her." 



  1. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful! I am praying for your family and your sweet baby girl.