Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smiles, smiles... Oh Joy!

Another momma I know recently posted something on her Facebook page that I related to and found humorous.  "If the inside of my purse is any indication of the way I live my life then I'm screwed."  Well the inside of my purse (and my van for that matter) ARE an indication of my current lifestyle.  Papers scattered about, coupons I'll never remember to use when I get to the register, missing socks, one shoe of a pair, yesterdays coffee cup... I would go on but I might embarass myself.  My life feels so chaotic right now.  Pediatric and cardiology appointments, early intervention, nursing hurdles, research, research, research, etc, etc, on top of mothering a three and four year old, trying not to be a horrible wife, and household obligations.  Sometimes it feels like a heavier load than I can carry... but she smiles.  When she smiles all of that weight is lifted off my shoulders.  I forget all about all of my current concerns.  I'm late for an appoitment... so what.  The house is a mess... so what.  I haven't had a chance to feed myself yet today... so what!  I'm looking in to her eyes and she's looking at me with a smile on her face.  There's a smile on her face and a smile in my heart ( and on my face too of course.)  My other children are smiling back at her too.  "She's smiling at me mommy!  She's smiling at me!"  My heart is so swollen it might burst!  I wish I could bottle this feeling... I'd make billions selling invincibility.

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