Monday, November 7, 2011

Give Thanks

I want to write about things I'm Thankful for during the month of November.  The plan was to start on the first, but I'm a bit delayed.  Late has been my style lately.  I have never been the punctual type and now that I have three kids in tow, I'm tardy AND disheveled.  Anywho... Today I want to give thanks for the many wonderful people who are in our lives.  I've always been appreciative of my family and friends, they are an amazing bunch, but I've recently come to realize how much I really need them.  I haven't had much trauma in my life.  I may have had some brief moments where I felt like I needed to lean on someone but it was only recently, after receiving Danielle's diagnosis that I felt like I needed someone to hold me up.  Thankfully, it didn't take long for me to find my legs again, and I'm walking taller than I ever had before, but it's times like these when you realize how important family is.  I received so many wonderful messages in response to Danielle's birth story.  The love and support is just overwhelming, it means so much to me.  Even families whom I have never even met are offering their support and I'm in awe of their acceptance, kindness, and warmest regards.  Some of you had said that you thought Danielle's birth story was beautifully written.  Thank you for the compliment, but it is these words that you had written for me that are truly beautiful.  I am going to live up to the standards of this amazing woman that you all suggest that I am.

I was going to post all of your messages here, but there are so many.  I am however having every one of them printed along with her birth story and you better believe that I'll reflect back on them when I need some uplifting.  Here are some snippets of the inspiring messages that I've received.  

"She is a blessing from God and what is amazing is that he picked you to be the mother of this child. That speaks volumes. He knows that you can be strong and can support his child."

"Your daughter is so beautiful!"

"Tiffany, I love you and look up to you sooo much. You are such an amazing mom! God has blessed Danielle by giving her to you!"

"Your story is beautiful and inspiring to us all. Tiffany you have grown into a beautiful woman and mother. I am so happy life has given you all the JOYS in your life. You have left impressions on my life and thankful to be acquainted to such a beautiful woman."

"Blessings and Love to the Alfonso family!! I love u Tiff ur the most amazing woman and mother I know!! You continue to inspire me!! God has blessed you in everything u do!! Xoxo"

"I feel so blessed and honored to know you and your family."

"Blessings to you and your family! Danielle is truly a beautiful baby girl!!"

"Tiffany, I admire you for your strength, you are truly amazing.. may the most high continue to bless you and your beautiful family ♥ you are truly blessed and so are your children to have you as their mother!"

"Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring story, Tiff. You and Steve are the best parents. You're both so patient and caring. Baby Danielle is a perfect addition to your wonderful family. I know you will be the best advocate for all her needs. Love you guys! Can't wait to meet my sweet little niece."

"Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!!!!"

"Tiffany- your strength and positive outlook are inspiring. Your story was so beautifully written, I was in tears reading it. I am do happy to hear Danielle is doing so well now. You are a wonderful Mama!"

"Tiffany, my sweet sweet daughter, I'm so proud of you and Danielle and I love you both so much."

"Your daughter is gorgeous"

"Tiff, you are AMAZING! Such an inspiration to all mommies! Love u! Danielle is a beautiful gift from God."

 "Thank you for sharing the told such a wonderful story about this new wonderful little addition to the family. She is absolutely precious! It was wonderful to see the kids with their new little sister. I love you guys!"

"Congratulations! Your baby girl is adorable =)"

"Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! Danielle is so blessed to be part of such a loving family!"   "Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with me. You had me smiling and tearing up as I read your story this morning. God made the right choice in blessing you Danielle, he knows that you have so much love and patience to give her what she will need in life."

"Thanks for your message it was very up building. Makes you really see that God is good in so many ways."

"I am very touched by Danielle’s story.  I truly know how blessed Danielle is to be part of your family." 
"I am so proud to know you"

"I look forward to watching her grow & Flourish into a beautiful young lady!!! She is so beautiful in every way!"

Oh ya, and a blog post just wouldn't be any fun without pictures, so here's a baby fix for ya'll.  This is Danielle in her owl hat (made with love by mommy.)