Friday, October 12, 2012

What I wish I had known then...

When Danielle was born I immediately recognized her almond shaped eyes, the slight bend at the top of her ears, and the “sandal gap” between her toes. I realized right away she had Down syndrome. I was worried. I was scared. I was paralyzed. Some of my concerns were rational, and some weren’t.  The pediatrician could tell me all about hypotonia, congenital heart defects, and cognitive delays, but not a single word about what daily life would be like with Down syndrome.  That's what I really needed to know.  What will my life be like?  I wish I had known that it would be this good. No diagnosis could determine WHO she would be, or how she would add so much VALUE and JOY to our lives.  These are things that no doctor or prenatal test can predict:
  • Her cuddles will be heavenly.  She will trust you with the weight of her whole body, and with complete abandon she will drift to sleep in your arms.  As she exhales in to slumber it will feel like angels breath on your skin.  You will be completely and helplessly enveloped in the love you have for your child.

  • Her siblings will cherish her.  The sound of the giggles they will share will reach in to your soul.  It will heal wounds that have been there too long. 

  • She will strengthen your faith and your values.

  • She will be the easiest of your three children. 

  • She'll be joyful.  She'll be patient and forgiving.  She will adore her family.  She will be fill to the brim with so many things that are good. 
  • Daily life won’t change much.

  • She will be resilient.

  • She will be adorable.  Perfect strangers will stop to ogle over her.

  • She will teach you more about life than you could ever hope to teach her, or any of your children, for that matter.

  • Her entry in to your world will be a life changing experience, a gift that not everyone is lucky enough to have been given.  She'll strengthen your character and give you more purpose in your life.  She'll inspire you to be an advocate.  With this child, is an opportunity to rise to the occasion, but you won't have to reach for the stars, because they have been given to you in her.