Friday, July 27, 2012

Dancing Stars

Dear Baby Girl,

When I look in to your beautiful almond shaped eyes my heart fills with joy.  Sparkling blue-gray windows reveal a glimpse of the beauty you have inside and offer a deep reflection of myself.  Tiny little stars dance around in your eyes.  Many other people with Down Syndrome have these little flecks in their eyes like yours.  Some people call them brush field marks, but I like to call them your dancing stars.

Some people think Down Syndrome happens by accident, but baby, your mommy knows better.  God made you just as you are.  The constellations that circle your iris were placed with calculated precision.   

Your eyes slant upward ever so gracefully and you have just the right amount of space between your toes. The slight bend at the top of your ears is endearing and the single crease in the palm of your hand is adorable.

Every little gene was by careful design.  Even, that cute lil' tag-along on the 21'st chromosome.

Photo Credit: Noah's Dad

You know how I know?  Because God told me so, and I think he wants me to spread the word.  God shows me too.  Those beautiful brush field marks in your eyes are reminiscent of the artistry that has been bestowed on us by God.

Photo Credit: Paco Calvino

Photo Credit: Paco Calvino

Photo Credit:  Moran Brenn

Photo Credit: Smithsonian Institution

None of us on earth are perfect. Not you, not daddy or mommy or anyone. But we are all God's children.

God doesn't make mistakes.  He makes Love. 

Real love is blind.  It's unconditional.  It's forever.  It's abundant.  It's fruitful, and life-giving.  It's limitless.  It's the most amazing feeling.  Love is what I feel when I look in to your beautiful eyes.  So much LOVE... and HOPE... and PRIDE.... and STRENGTH.  I give thanks every day that God showed me what real love feels like.  I have been so blessed by God in giving me your daddy, your sister and brother, and you.

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